Do I have to be a member to come to Play Time Studio?

Nope! Everyone is welcome!

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Who are my teachers and how did this all begin?

Play Time Studio started under the name Prodigy Kids LLC - but underwent rebranding after a year of being open. Prodigy Kids started as an idea that fulfilled the dream that Lo had to own a business. Lo is a busy homeschool mama to three beautiful girls, as well as some chickens, dogs, and a hamster. She has been married for almost a decade to Matt, who supports all her craziest dreams.What started as a dream and has evolved into the business that she wished that she had as a new mom years ago. She wanted something fun, educational, and affordable for families (especially those with multiples), and a way to make some mama friends!Play Time Studio/Prodigy Kids has evolved to be just the business! Lo spent most of her life learning music and playing music-its how she expresses herself. She has a deep love and desire to teach kids not only music/art but how to learn new things and how to be a better human being!

Meet Lo! Homeschool mama to three beautiful girls. Lover of everything with music. Anytime you call, email, or message us-you get Lo! Lo is certified in Music Rhapsody, Zumbini, Zumba Kids Jr, Zumba Kids, Ready Set Move, Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Acro and more....We believe in being certified and educated in EVERY class that we teach!

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How much are classes?

Our pricing is the most affordable in the area at only $15 per class if your child takes one class per week. If your child takes 2+ classes per week the price drops to $12 per class. Siblings always get 50% off classes!

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What do we wear to class?

Wear something comfortable that you can bust a move in!

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Is there a multiple class a week discount?

Yes it is! Families save 20% when they sign up for multiple classes per week!

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I love Play Time Studio! Do I get anything for a referral?

YES! And we LOVE referrals! Have a friend that would love it? Fill out this form and we will reach out to them and you will get $20 credited to your account when they sign up for weekly classes!

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Do we have to register to class prior to coming?

We recommend registering prior to coming to class because priority goes to the registered students in a full class. If you are more of a risk taker you are always welcome to come to a class and if their is room we can accept payment on the spot for class (if space allows). Drop in classes are $15 for the first child and 50% off siblings.

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How do I schedule a birthday party?

Fill out the birthday form and we will be in contact soon to get all the details for your perfect day!

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Didn't this use to be Prodigy Kids?

Yes! We used to be Prodigy Kids, we have a new name now! As a small business we are always learning and growing and we learned that we needed a name that was a bit less confusing for families.

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What age is Play Time Studio best for?

Any age will have a BLAST here! We even do teen nights - however most classes are best for kids under 10! With their favorite grown up!

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What is Play Time Studios sick/weather/missed class policy?

Everyone gets sick and the best place to be is home resting. Please keep you child home if they are sick (or if you are sick). The best part is that 5 sick/weather/holiday days are built into the payments each month! Families pay for 4 classes a month which keeps payments consistent and build in a 5 class buffer (both for your kids and mine!)

You are welcome to notify us if you are sick via text or email, however make up classes are not given unless its an extenuating circumstance (think hospitalization etc).

If Janesville or Milton schools are closed for the day Play Time Studio reserves the right to close for the day. Closing due to weather is under the discretion of Play Time Studio and will be announced on Facebook and email 60 minutes prior to any scheduled class.

What if the teacher is sick or her kids are sick? The class is cancelled, we offer a make up if 3 of the same class the same day have been cancelled. This make up class has no monetary value.

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Do we have to wear socks?

Sock are highly recommended while you are here. If you have something on your feet that could be shared with others socks are required.

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How do I register for class?

Click on "classes" in the toolbar above and then click the class you want to register for! Your payment will come out on the first of the month each month.

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Where are you located?

We are located in Harmony Square behind GR's sandwich shop. Park in the back of the strip mall, you will see the entrance directly from the parking lot.

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Do parents/caregivers REALLY have to stay and play?

Yes. parents/caregivers play with their children! This is to make bonds and memories together. It's also a great way to make a few friends for you too. We are a screen free play area (other then taking the occasional photo).

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What is the photo/video policy?

During class the teacher will take a few photos of you and your child together so you can be in that moment with your child. A photo release is required for all participants and is part of our liability waiver. Videos under 10 seconds are okay to take in class (longer it goes against the licenses we carry with the music companies we use!)

All updates to this policy can be found under our policies and procedures.

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Do you have any discounts?

Because we are so competitively priced we RARELY do sales (maybe once a year...maybe) BUT we do ALWAYS offer a siblings discount for families with multiple children under the same roof!

Siblings always get 50% off. Only a few events are exempt from this discount. Use the code sibling for the discount.

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What are the rules/policies at Play Time Studio?

Here is our photography policy that is agreed upon when registering for PTS classes and signing our waiver.

PHOTO RELEASE For a Minor with Parent/Guardian    1. Consent. I, [PARENT/GUARDIAN] (the "Releasor"), parent or guardian of [MINOR] (the "Minor"), for good and valuable consideration, the adequacy of which is acknowledged, with the understanding that [PHOTOGRAPHER/PRODUCER] (the “Releasee”) will invest substantial time and expense to produce certain audio and/or visual works in reliance upon this document, does hereby consent to Minor’s participation in said production and to Minor being personally identifiable in the resulting media, regardless of production method or type of media, including, without limitation, digital and analog photography, film and videography (with or without sound), and audio recordings (the “Media”) whether captured or created by Releasee directly, or by those acting under Releasee’s direction. 2. Release. Having been sufficiently compensated, Releasor completely and forever releases any current and future financial interest in and any physical or intellectual control of the Media to Releasee and Releasee’s heirs, successors, and assigns so that they may use the Media freely and at their discretion, for any legal purpose, without the need to obtain permission from or to provide any additional compensation to Releasor. 3. Authorization and Waiver. Releasor authorizes the universal and unrestricted reproduction of Minor’s voice and/or likeness in connection with the use or manipulation of the Media by Releasee, Releasee’s heirs, successors, assigns, and designees, and those acting with Releasee’s permission and authority, in any form now existing or yet to be invented, for all purposes, including, without limitation, streaming, film, television, other forms of transmission, advertising, art, promotion, solicitation, or trade. Additionally, Releasor waives any right to approve the eventual use or purpose to which the Media may be applied; or to inspect or approve the finished images, videos, advertising copy, artwork, materials, or other audio or visual matter resulting from the Media’s implementation, use, or manipulation, whether in its original form or processed, altered, blurred, distorted, combined with, or used in conjunction with any other media, and will hold Releasee, Releasee’s heirs, successors, assigns, and designees harmless and indemnify same against any claims or demands arising therefrom. 4. Entire Agreement. This agreement constitutes the sole and complete agreement between Releasee, Releasor and shall be governed by the laws of the state of [STATE]. Releasor is not relying on any other warranty, guarantee, or representation, whether oral or written. By signing this release, Releasor affirms that Releasor is of the age of majority and has the right and authority to contract on behalf of the Minor. Releasor has read this entire document, understands its contents, and agrees to the rights and responsibilities it defines for each respective party. This agreement shall be binding upon Releasor, their heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns.

Here are our other policies and procedures that are agreed upon when signing the waiver. Please note policies can change without notice. If an update occurs an email will be sent to currently enrolled students with the update to the policies.

The following policies and procedures are in place to help assist in the safety and fun of all children and their families. Failure to properly adhere to these polices and procedures may result in your child and family being asked to leave the facility. In extreme cases, a child and/or family may be trespassed and asked not to return.Children should never be allowed to be left unattended. A responsible adult (e.g, parent and/or guardian) must be in attendance at all times. Responsible adults must remain in visual contact with their children at all times. Responsible adults must clean up after their children.Toddlers/Children must always be accompanied by an adult into the restrooms.Leave special “lovey’s” and “carry-everywhere-with-me” toys in the car.Your child’s presence at all classes is imperative.We are a safe space both physically and emotionally for children.We practice Gentle Parenting.  This means that we do not condone “sleep training”, “cry it out”,  “Ferber”, yelling at a child, spanking, grabbing, or another other types of parenting that are not gentle and could be harmful to a child.  These types of parenting techniques are not welcome here and the family will be asked to leave if this behavior is not corrected immediately.No pushing, hitting, rough play, disrespect, or running. We reserve the right to ask unruly or violent patrons to leave.Please keep your hands to yourself.No throwing instruments, toys, equipment etc.  If damage occurs the family will be responsible for a replacement at their expense as deemed by the owner - charge the same day.Children/adults that have behaviors that can result in injury physically or mentally to another person will be put on a STEP plan.All guests must fill out a waiver before entering the classroom area.No birthday parties during open play hours without reservation during a birthday party time slot as well as a birthday party agreement.No weapons, licensed or otherwise, are permitted inside the facility.Any grip socks recommended, they can be purchased from Play Time Studio or you can bring your own. Play Time Studio is not responsible for any injuries to anyone due to slipping, falling, running, jumping, skipping, rolling, or any other activity at Play Time Studio.Please help keep our facility clean and allergen free by throwing away your trash in our big trash cansWe welcome snacks and beverages ONLY in the lobby areaNo climbing up the slides; children must go down the slides feet first only.We are not responsible for loss, theft or damage to your personal property.All potty training kids should wear pull-ups/ diapers.Make Music Classes require the purchase of a music kit from Prodigy Kids/Play Time Studio.  Music kit needs to be paid prior to the second Make Music Class the child attends.  Music Kits are $65 and may change in price based on availability.Prodigy Kids can terminate any family/child from attending classes/membership.  No refund will be given. Prodigy Kids reserves the right to use a cease and desist if former student/family slander/spread false information about Prodigy Kids/classes/staff/etc.  Former family will be responsible for all legal fees Prodigy Kids/staff etc incur.Membership/classes require appropriate behaviors from caregivers as well as children.  If this is not happening Play Time Studio reserves the right to cancel a membership with no refund given.  Families will be required to make any payments due in the next 30 days.  No transfer or credit is given to the family if membership is cancelled due to behavior (physical or emotional).Play Time Studio reserves the right to update/change any policies.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Families may cancel their classes by sending an email to us stating the reason why they would like to cancel. Cancellations need to be made 30 days prior to the 1st of the following month. If a cancellation request is made under 30 days prior then the cancellation will take place after the next month of classes.

Classes are non refundable and non transferable. Play Time Studio does not offer refunds.

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Founded in 2022 by Lo Trumbull, Prodigy Kids/Play Time Studio, is a music and art studio for kids located in Janesville, WI.

Opening Hours

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Tuesday: 9-12 & 4-8pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 9-12 & 4-7pm

Friday: 5-8pm

Saturday : 8-11am & Afternoon for Birthday Parties

Sunday: By appointment for Birthday Parties

ADDRESS: 15 S Harmony Drive STE 180 Janesville, WI 53545

Telephone: 608-200-4249

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